An iCalendar Schema

To start this blog, and to demonstrate database analysis, I’m spend some time creating a schema for the iCalendar standard. You can find the the RFC here. I’ll be concentrating on MySQL (MariaDB in truth), but I’ll make notes about MS SQL and Oracle.

The reason I chose to look at iCalendar first is there have been many requests online for such a schema. This will allow me to create a full schema for the standard and then write Java and C# libraries read and save calendar components to and from the database.

You might question why I selected MySQL instead of MS SQL or Oracle. The primary reason if that MariaDB is the database server my personal web site host uses. I also selected this database because it does not support User Defined Data types. I’ll be forced to using the standard data types.

This blog is meant to allow the readers to follow my  thought process, and hopefully pick up some tips on database analysis.

My next post will be the start of a discussion of the data types defined in the RFC and how to translate them into the appropriate database fields.


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